Filofax Germany “better than ever” with PixSell iPad ordering

Global stationery and gift giants Filofax have reported an increase in productivity across their sales team – thanks to PixSell iPad ordering. We all wish we had more time on our hands – and for Filofax Germany this has become a reality. When they selected PixSell, their need was for a digital catalogue to present to the customer, along with product information and images. One year on and the German and Austrian sales team are reaping the benefits of so much more than just a digital catalogue and according to head office are “selling even better than before“.

Before the Filofax sales team were transitioned to an iPad system, on-the-road orders would have been taken with a laptop and barcode scanner, with no way of showing images and digital assets. Today, the reps have access to product images and attributes through PixSell which means they are now more equipped to sell when meeting with a customer. “We felt that we needed more of a visual presence when selling to customers”, IT & Order processing Manager at Filofax Germany, Markus Ahrens, told us. “We have found that the best practice with PixSell is for the rep to show our products to a customer, with all the information in one place including images and product information. It is a much more streamlined process.”

“We no longer need to feed our sales team with additional information”

To ensure a successful project implementation, integration with the Filofax back office system was vital so that all relevant information could be passed through from head office to PixSell. With the iPad system in place, Filofax reps have access to individual account information, stock levels and product pricing. “We update our back office each day so we are up-to-date with stock levels”, Markus said. “Now, when a rep is out with a customer they have all the important information to hand which means they don’t need to contact head office as much. This means more orders can be taken in a quicker and more efficient manner.”

Being able to maximise the reps’ opportunities to sell via PixSell has reaped the biggest rewards for the German and Austrian sales force at Filofax Germany. With the ability to now cross reference previous orders and duplicate an instant order receipt, the reps have an increased amount of time to see more customers. “Our sales team are delighted with the system”, Markus said. “They work faster and save more time so they have more time to spend visiting customers each day. With all the product information to hand, they are able to communicate more with the customer when presenting our products. The more information they have to hand, the better their chance to sell is.”

“PixSell gives our reps a visual tool when selling”

“Aspin’s support during the start of the project and beyond has been excellent.”

Filofax are particularly pleased with the service they have received during the PixSell project implementation and post-launch, managed in Germany. “Of course we would recommend Aspin, because it is easy to work with them”, Markus said, from the German head office. “The support is excellent and the PixSell app is flexible, feature rich, and above all – extremely useful.”